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The workshops we will focus on serve to create a safe space by working within boundaries. The workshops will present a basic knowledge of effective Shibari bondage, how to reach and stay in a giving and enabling presence, conscious contact and deepening of the Shibari field - which will allow us to uncover the mystery of this form of bondage.

I am available both for private classes, which I give in Tel Aviv, and to book for workshops abroad.
I travel a lot so please check with my
to see my tour schedule.

About bookings abroad - I am happy to travel for work if an organizer/organisation is able to arrange all of the logistical issues such as event, venue, and registrations.
My requirements are that expenses such as travel and accommodation are covered for Me and (depending on nature of the work and location) a model I am comfortable working with. The trip needs to bring in sufficient income.

3 hours 1 day class (3h total) 250€
3 hours 2 days class (6h total) 350€
6 hours 1 day class (6h total) 450€

Taking bookings for 2024 now!

You can receive additional information and finalize coordination through this website, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or by phone.

The ropes Japanese art "Shibari" allow us to pull out of ourselves parties that lead to a conscious and attentive connection between you and your partner on the journey.

Workshops focusing on Modern Shibari
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