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Shibari is a unique and fascinating performance intended primarily for an alternative events and festivals (Fetish, Kink, Burning man and more).

As a professional experienced Shibari artist I'm provide a show that adds value to the event itself.
A quality show that not only upgrades your event on several levels, but also sets the tone and atmosphere of the event.

Pay attention! This is a performance suitable for adult only. The purpose of the show is the ability to give you a special, high-quality atmosphere, a touch of craftsmanship connected with jute ropes and make your event a WOW.

The show will be held in advance with the organizers to ensure that the area is safe and intended for suspension. Also, the performance is contingent on the fact that the area where the show takes place is either on a stage or in a pre-defined venue and secure.

How much is it?

Shibari performance (until 1 hour) - 200€ 


You can receive additional information and finalize coordination through this website, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or by phone.

Looking for special content for the event? An unconventional show? This is the opportunity to be exposed to Modern Shibari art on stage at your event!

Shibari performance for festivals and events
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