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The study takes place in one-to-one lessons about the sources of Shibari art, safety, the types of ropes, types of tying, diagnosis and study of tying techniques, assimilating creative ways of thinking and learning how they all fit together into the end result.


Beyond the technique learning is it important to learn the interpersonal emotional connection between the partners, the interaction of relations and the relationship between the physical, emotional and mental side before, during and after the session.

Suitable for all levels - complete beginner as well as experienced students. Private tuition is especially recommended for students who want a more focused teaching customised for specific interests.
Available in Ramat Gan, Bialik - Jabotinsky st. area.


As a main condition for the meeting and the realization of the activity, you are asked to sign at the meeting a request form for a Shibari activity as is customary in the field. Please take the time to go through it and read it carefully before you come to the session.

Any problem or medical and mental condition that may affect the process - orthopedic, neurological, cardiac, circulatory, and mental problems or distress that may affect the activity - must be informed.

How much is it?

  • 2 hour class - 100€

  • 3 hour class - 150€

  • 4 hour class - 200€

(Prices apply to tuition while in Europe)

You can receive additional information and finalize coordination through this website, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or by phone.

Like any field and skill, it is very important to deepen and learn both the technical aspects and mental connection to your partner.

Learn the art of bonding personally and professionally
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