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Here are some of the definitions and terms that incorporate the terms commonly used in the world of BDSM, fetish and kink.

Terms and Definitions   
  • BDSM - A term that combination of the abbreviations of three pairs:


BD = Bondage and Discipline

Tying and discipline. The whole bound types, from physical to mental.

DS = Domination and Submission

Control and submission. Two sides of the same coin, with one side giving it control over the other.

SM = Sadism and Masochism

Sodomochemism. Interaction with one side gives pain to the other.

  • Kink - attraction (usually sexual) to socially unacceptable things.


  • Fetish - a sexual attraction that depends on kink, and cannot be enjoyed without the specific aspect mentioned above. Whether in the act, or in-the-act fantasy. The fetish is necessary for the fetishist, without which it is pointless.

  • Domina / Mistress - a person who has given him control over another person. Common nicknames for rulers are: Dom, Domina, Queen, Lady, Master.

  • Sub - A person who gives control over him. Common nicknames for the controlled are: subwoofer, subwoofer, slave, slave, bottom, and many degrading nicknames.

  • Switch - a person who can be both control over another person and been controlled by other person.

  • Vanilla - A person who is not kinky, fetishistic, or not into BDSM. 

  • SSC - Safe, Sane, and Consensual - the three pillars of the community:


  1. Safe = all that is done - taking safety measures, learning the acts, and maintaining the partner's mental and physical safety.

  2. Sane = when a person can give his or her consent consciously and completely, without the influence of secondary substances, disturbed mental state, peer pressure or manipulation.

  3. Consensual = everyone involved agrees, and once they stop agreeing, the act stops.


  • Boundaries / limits - The red lines of every person about the acts in which they want to take part.


  • Safe Word / Sign - A word or sign that allows you to stop the session at any stage, replacing the word "no". The word is agreed in advance according to the situation.

  • Session - A period of time when there is a significant interaction in Desmith.

  • Play Party - a dasmith party without dancing. Designed for shared or public sessions.


  • Dungeon - A Torture basement.
    A structure designed for a space or session. It usually contains accessories and suitable furniture. There are dungeons that are open to the public, and there are private ones.

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