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As a woman I provide a bonding experience based on feminine empowerment that enables openness, liberation and inclusion. The session takes place in a pleasant place with a protective atmosphere, enveloping and containing.

This is not a psychological treatment, however the experience you will feel and receive for you will be very physical, spiritual and mental in a very powerful way that can take you to new levels and to an interpersonal conscious process.


The activity is essentially intimate, but it is not sexual. Physical contact is not for sex purposes but rather a mental connection only - to take your body and examine its limits according to your abilities and will.

Any problem or medical and mental condition that may affect the process - orthopedic, neurological, cardiac, circulatory, and mental problems or distress that may affect the activity - must be informed.


The session involves intensive physical activity.

At the same time, a good level of communication between us significantly reduces the risk of physical injury. you should communicate in any condition during tying on discomfort, extreme pain and numbness in different parts of the body.

As a main condition for the meeting and the realization of the activity, you are asked to sign at the meeting a
request form for a Shibari activity as is customary in the field. Please take the time to go through it and read it carefully before you come to the session.

How much is it?

60 minutes - 800₪ / PayPal 210$  
including conversation and aftercare (Prices apply to session while in Europe). No sex. Shibari only.


You can receive additional information and finalize coordination through this website, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or by Phone.

A special, powerful, feminine experience that allows you to achieve physical, mental and spiritual liberation that is impossible in our everyday life

Empowerment of Women by Modern Shibari
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