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I’m currently living in Ramat-Gan, Israel, but often travel to perform abroad.

My Lifestyle business began when I was 28 years old.
I discovered the BDSM world
and was fascinated by it. Ever since then I've explored different roles and had many interesting experiences.

After a while, I came to the realization that being in the dominant role is the right thing for me.

I felt very comfortable and right at home.
I just LOVE being a domina.




I'm Available for sessions  


Sunday to Thursday from 10:am until 10:pm.

I won't be available for sessions after midnight.

I won't answer call from a blocked phone number.

Meetings on the same day may be possible depending on my availability, but it is highly recommended to schedule a meeting in advance.


I also like​​

The sessions are designed for mental balance and NOT for sexual release - PURE BDSM only

  • Shibari sessions - ground or suspension (for suspension please read the consent form)

  • Virtual session (press link)

  • Pegging

  • Medial (Needles, Scalpel, Wartenberg wheel)

  • Animal cage session 

  • Wax with candles

  • Torture Play / Pain (for masochists)

  • Massaging my feet

  • boot fetish

  • Trampling

  • Strapon (experienced only)

  • Humiliation

  • Mental Control

  • Spanking (flogger / cane)

  • Choking (hands / gag / "Scissors grip")

  • Slapping

  • Lashings

  • Feminization (speaking as a female and thong)

  • Tickling sessions 


I don't do (my limits)

  • The session is not sexual and without a sexual release - PURE BDSM only

  • any sex play or sex slave 

  • no face sitting, hand/foot job no rimming and no bizarre

  • no sissification, Inftalism, electric or wrestling

  • no anal play 


Any sexual harassment or persuasion me for sex will cause you to be blocked immediately.  

How much is it?

  • 30 min - 500₪ / PayPal 150€/200$ 

  • 60 min - 900₪ / PayPal 220€/250$ 

  • 90 min - 1400₪ / PayPal 350€/400$ 

Payment in NIS / EUR / USD only.

You can receive additional information and finalize coordination through this website, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or by phone.

Your limits will be negotiated together but at the end I'm decide and notify you as to what the limits will be. Your secrets are safe with me and I'm absolutely discreet.

Trust, honesty and good communication are very important to me. I do not like liars and it's likely that if you lie, you’ll find yourself kicked out of my life.

I have long blonde chestnut hair, big green eyes and a shapely body. I'm 166 cm tall (5'6'') and my shoe size is 41(8).
I'm 33 years old, but look much younger.

Beautiful. Honest. Intelligent.

Virtual sessions

Do you like to hear my voice whispering to you slowly "I am your owner and you are my slave"?

Humiliate you again and again?

Want to tell me what your fantasy is and share with me a story we can create together?

These examples and more goes into the virtual session field:

  • Feminine Control Session - Indulge me as much as possible and tell me how beautiful and perfect am I as I guide you how I want to control you.


  • Humiliations - Verbal humiliations, Cockold humiliations and more.

  • Virtual Blackmail - Want our little secret kept and no one to find out how dirty and pervert you are? It has a price - silence fee for money.


  • Foot fetish games - Games with my feet in front of the camera or voice recording describing how you massage my soft, long and beautiful feet.


  • BDSM talks - Let's talk about BDSM! share with me your private BDSM world. I will usually listen to you and I can give advice from my personal experience.

How does It Works?

First, we must coordinate expectations from the session on WhatsApp or Telegram. Once coordinated, you send me a payment via PayPal as detailed below.

Of course, we can adjust for more time accordingly for payment that you transfer.

How much does it cost?

1.Voice Session:

  • 10 minutes =25€ / 35$ PayPal 

  • 20 minutes =50€ / 70$ PayPal 

  • 30 minutes =75€ / 105$PayPal 

2.Camera Session:

  • 10 minutes =40€ / 50$ PayPal 

  • 20 minutes =75€ / 95$ PayPal 

  • 30 minutes =110€ / 140$ PayPal 

  • Not exposing my face during the session and not gonna be partial / full nude.

  • My dress up is standard for the session and according to pre-match


Provide more information and final coordination to a virtual session through this website, WhatsApp, Instagram or Email.

Virtual Sessions
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